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October 20th, 2017

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Senators push bill to prevent Russian-linked election ads online

"Russia will keep trying to divide our country,” Sen. Amy Klobuchar said.

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Trump thrusts Kelly's private tragedy into public spotlight
Read chief of staff John Kelly's full remarks at the White House press briefing
US-backed Syrian force declares victory over ISIS in its former 'capital,' Raqqa
2 arrested at white nationalist Richard Spencer's Florida event

WATCH: Drone footage shows widespread Raqqa destruction

Drone footage from the northern Syrian city shows the extent of devastation caused by weeks of fighting between Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Islamic State group (IS) militants.

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US troops met with 'overwhelming force' in Niger ambush, official says
Meet 'Russia's Paris Hilton,' who plans to take on Putin
'We don't leave anyone behind': Search for soldier never stopped after Niger ambush
What Puerto Rico is doing to get the power back after storm

The Note: Bush, Obama and Gen. Kelly try to elevate the dialogue in the era of Trump

Chief of Staff John Kelly was “stunned” by Rep. Frederica Wilson.

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Senate Republicans pass budget that will add $1.5 trillion to deficit
Trump's chief of staff offers emotional take on call to slain soldier's widow
Obama slams state of US politics in 1st post-presidency campaign stops
Gold Star families recount emotional stories of presidents consoling them

What Quentin Tarantino knew about Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual assaults

The director worked with the disgraced producer on several projects.

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Lupita Nyong'o writes Harvey Weinstein propositioned her in personal essay
What Quentin Tarantino knew about Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual assaults
Destiny's Child star reveals she was 'suicidal' during group's success
How to Carve Wood

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